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Reel Rascal II is
a Michigan DNR inspected Vessel.


Chartering Do's and Don't slogo

1) Carefully review information on captains in the area you wish to fish. 
2) Select only 2 or 3 captains to call or email based on the favorite captain you wish to fish with.
3) Notify your captain well in advance of the date you wish to reserve, say 30-60 days. 
 4) Make the required deposit with the chosen captain right after the verbal agreement to charter.
5) Come prepared with a valid fishing license and supplies recommended for the charter.
6) Have an alternate date to fish in case of bad weather. 
7) Be prepared to pay fuel surcharges with unpredictable price increases. 
8) Pay in cash at the trip's end unless prior arrangements have been made to accept other forms of payment.
9) Get the proper rest and have a good time.

 1) Just call any captain without reviewing his experience, qualifications, and boat size for your party. 
2) Book with the cheapest boat. 
3) Call or email 10 to 20 captains if you intend to charter with the first one whom calls back. That wastes a lot of captains time and expenses as well as yours. 
4)  Call the last minute before without a fair lead-time for all to put on the calendar. 
5) Make commitments for large parties, sometimes involving more that one boat, more than one day, then change the deal upon arrival. 
6) Insist on chartering in bad or dangerous weather; safety factors must prevail. 
7) Argue with fuel surcharges that are not profiting the charter boat. 
8) Forget your charter date and no-show the captain 
9) Forget fishing licenses and supplies. 
10) Be late or delay the trip due to partying all night. 
11) Forget to tip the captain and mate if you received courteous service and good fishing action. If you were not happy, tell the captain why so he can correct for the future. 

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